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Legends may be born on May 14th.  Honor could be won.  Pride might be forged on Forney’s newest field of battle!

Will it be a Timeless Showdown? Will we witness a Major Meltdown?

It is North Forney vs. Forney in the greatest spring championship of all time…that really does not matter!

A Jalapeño Pepper Eating Contest!

But it should be a lot of fun!  Join us at the dividing line…  See your head football coach and his team of pepper eaters sweat it out against the competition…

Come out Thursday, May 14th at 6 PM after spring football scrimmages to the Forney Whataburger on Highway 80 to support your school at the first ever BRING THE HEAT contest between the North Forney Falcons and the Forney Jackrabbits.  Coaches from both staffs will square off to win the challenge and take the trophy and the money home to their campus!

We will all have some fun as we wind up the athletic year and our kids work through spring football, and everyone is welcome!  In fact, if the Falcons bring the most supporters (you can sign up for your school on site), the NF football program gets a CASH PRIZE courtesy of Whataburger, and your school gets to keep the Community Challenge Trophy.

It’s a fund raiser.  It’s a pep rally.  It’s a contest!  There will be give-aways, music, games, and more fun for everyone!  SO…

Wear your best school colors!  

Fly your banners high!  

Cheer, Cheer your coach’s team,

And hope he does not cry!

as we


MAY 14th at 6:30 PM 


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