FCA Unity Bowl – WHY.

The literal reason for the FCA Unity Bowl is rather simple.  Our two great Forney ISD High Schools are aligned together in District 15-5A.  This means we are going to play each season, and the contests are going to be heated, and the rivalry is on!  This is the case with every team in every sport we offer.  It’s huge in football!  And it’s fun!  It is time for the 6th annual FCA Unity Bowl!

We know there’s always a winner and a loser.  Year after year, season after season, sometimes moment to moment, there are ups and there are downs.  In this way, athletics is a microcosm of life.  Forney is given a wonderful gift – the chance to use these moments and seasons to teach the lessons of athletics to young people who are preparing for life.

At the FCA Unity Bowl we are helping to define our community culture and express the significance of ONE Town, ONE Game, ONE Mission.  Here are our goals:

1) ONE Town.
To ensure the FCA Unity Bowl is safe and enjoyable for every person who attends:
*Forney is unique, special, with a rich history and a vibrant present.  Through events such as the FCA Unity Bowl we can join forces to ensure this community has an exciting future as well – personified in the development of the young leaders who are performing.
2)  One Game. 
To ensure the FCA Unity Bowl is meaningful and positive for every young person who participates:
*This game is as high profile as it gets in Forney Sports. It is a unique opportunity to teach, to learn, and to create an environment our kids can be proud of, and to show them that we are proud of the people they are becoming.
3) ONE Mission.
To clearly define and communicate our positive message and purpose:
*Our mission in FISD Athletics is to help develop outstanding young men and women of character who represent this community and their schools with honor, and who will be ready to face any challenge in their lives beyond. We are proud that the FCA partners with us to sponsor a night that is enjoyable for all and to extend that positive culture throughout our programs.
What to watch for this week:
  • Articles, information, and video posted on this website
  • FCA Unity Bowl Tee Shirts for sale at the game- buying one is an investment in the lives of student athletes in FISD
  • Event posters in Forney highlighting the contest and this year’s theme
  • FCA raffle tickets for sale at games this week for a chance to kick a field goal Friday night on the field – and win Whataburger for a Year!
  • Elementary students gathering cans for FCA Unity Bowl canned food drive
  • The FCA-UB trophy housed with local business sponsors this week.
  • The FCA Teams dinner on Wednesday evening with motivation from former NFL player Justin Forsett.
  • Jeans day on Friday at secondary schools – wear that FCA Unity Bowl shirt!
  • Lots of enjoyable game day activities – special recognitions, videos, field goal raffle, the 6th annual Mascot Race, and more!
  • The FCA working in Forney ISD to impact the lives of coaches and athletes!

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