Falcons News · Introducing the LEAD19 Summit…

Perhaps the greatest Gift bestowed upon humankind is imagination.  It allows us to envision what could be, to determine what ought to be, so that we can shape what will be.  Through imagination an individual can pre-determine outlook, pre-program his or her reactions, and establish personal character in anticipation of moments when it is most needed.

Every person has imagination.  Emerging leaders simply need to investigate the skills necessary to engage the imagination for the purpose of character building.  This is the essence of:


Forney ISD Student Athlete Leadership Summit

This is an initiative in Forney ISD Athletics that we believe can have a great positive affect on our future.  We believe it can transform, helping jump start emerging seniors into their most important year!

LEAD19 takes place on May 15th, but it is not a stand-alone event.  It is the penultimate step in a ladder of success that builds throughout athletic participation in Forney ISD programs. The ladder allows those who choose to climb all the way to the top to reach incomparable heights.  Each step requires choices.

Every day choices, each one building upon the next, define a person.  These are choices the imagination lets us plan well in advance of the moments we make them.  LEAD19 is a Leadership Summit to enable servant leadership, to engage an entire senior class in legacy building through influence, and most importantly, to discuss the power of preparation for positive choices.

We will engage emerging seniors, head coaches, and the Forney community at LEAD19.


Date:  May 15th, 2018

Time 11-4

Location: Mustang Creek Community Church

Purpose:  Forney ISD Student Athlete Leadership Summit

Program:   All Forney ISD Junior Class Athletes will be seated together by sport with head coaches from both high schools and a community representative.  We want to unite emerging senior athletes from across the district in preparation for their important roles!

They will eat together, plan together, and learn together.  These soon-to-be senior student athletes in our programs, have a special opportunity to change their programs, campuses, and community for the better.

Throughout the day, 5 dynamic speakers will present messages and strategies that will help students learn best practices and gain sharp leadership tools for their senior year.  Choices, servant leadership, and personal and team influence will be keys.

A round-table discussion of implementation featuring collaboration with players, coaches, and community will follow each presenter.

Emerging Senior Student Athletes of 2019 will prepare to LEAD from within, and affect everything after.  More to come…