Falcons News · LEAD20 is One Week Away! What You Must Know…

Who you are is more important than what you do.  By contrast, what you do is evidence of who you are.  LEAD is designed to influence both.

LEAD20 will be a leadership summit; but more importantly, it will be an event that helps anchor an initiative of leadership and character development that starts at the lowest level of athletic participation in FISD and culminates in this prep for Senior Year.  The students of LEAD are about to step onto the top rung of our ladder, entering their most influential year, and they are preparing to… lead their legacy.   230 of them will convene one week from today.

A few of the lessons of LEAD:  Leadership is not Exclusive.  Everyone can influence the people and systems around them for the better, and in his or her own way.  Service is Success.  Servant leadership is the purest form, and service offered together can be transformational.  Elite Programs are Run by the Team.  These young people own their programs, and they are learning to shape them through personal choices and by being a great teammate, just as they will shape their own lives.  Iron sharpens Iron.  Great rivalries make everyone better, and we should be thankful for our dynamic environment, respect it, and compete!

Many more lessons and tools will be infused into the messages of an array of dynamic speakers set to present at LEAD20.  Rivals take moments to sit together and listen, consider the larger picture, and discuss with their head coaches and community guests how to use real leadership tools and the right mindset to influence their surroundings.  We hope they leave empowered – to improve themselves and their teams -and we plan to have great fun, too!

Did you know that LEAD19 seniors – who graduate this month – helped lead wildly successful, even historic years across many FISD sports?  Did you know they led their teams to compete with each another honorably, exhibiting drive and sportsmanship as an example to those coming up behind them?  Did you know they also led literally thousands of hours of campus and community service projects they planned together or with their coaches?  They raised the bar.  Time to do it again.

Student-athletes are over-achievers.  Much is asked of them, and the commitment necessary for school sports is great.  The full experience helps these LEADers of tomorrow, learn to LEAD today.