Falcons News · Watch These LEADers Go!

Inspired.  Motivated.  Equipped.  Empowered.

Student Athletes in the Forney ISD classes of 2020 have been inducted into our LEAD initiative.  They are partners in Culture building, in Leadership development, and and in Positive Influence.

Last year’s LEAD19 students have been outstanding, pushing sportsmanship and honorable competition, planning and executing scores of community service projects in partnership with their rival teams, and opening their minds to the truth that school sports can be a vehicle to prepare individuals for so much more than the next contest or season.

Now is is the turn of the LEAD20 grads to launch their own legacy!

Did You Know?

  • 200 LEAD19 Seniors took action throughout this year to influence all parts of their programs
  • LEADers drove over 1000 hours of campus and community service in the past year
  • LEADers maintained high standards of competition and sportsmanship as they faced one another
  • 225 LEAD20 To-Be-Seniors have now been empowered to raise the bar higher in 20
  • 5 inspiring and insightful presenters shared leadership tools, experiences, and perspectives
  • FHS and NFHS head coaches engaged with their to-be-seniors at shared tables
  • Two dozen Forney Community Leaders brought invaluable insight to these round-table talks
  • 15 Character Coaches partnered with LEAD kids and FISD Head Coaches to lend a positive hand
  •  LEAD20 students built camaraderie through discussions, games, food and fellowship, identifying a common purpose!