Falcons News · 100 Yards to Glory…

On Friday the 13th, with a gorgeous, freakishly full blood moon looming over City Bank Stadium, 13 Mascots lingered near the north end zone, a nervous tension building among them.  It was moments before the 8th Annual FCA Mascot Race.  Oversize head-to-head competition, staged before the whole town, is not for the feint of heart.

Before the event they’re all so friendly with one another; it just seems they’re always smiling.  They engage in silly Character training together and share a true camaraderie.  Furry hugs and high-fives pass all around.  They skip merrily across the turf and dance to every song.  They take photos with happy children and hold hands with cheerleaders of all varieties.

And then the starter calls line up!  Claws and fangs come out.

Texas State Representative Keith Bell was the Honored Starter of the 8th Annual Mascot Race.  When fuzzy toes and oversize shoes moved to the line, he fired the gun, and the race was on!

Through early yards of the race, every competitor strove its best, but it soon became clear that the Warren Warrior was on another level at this Unity Bowl.  He pulled away and did not look back.  Which was fortunate, for if he had, he’d have seen a seven-foot-tall cow bearing down on him, followed by all manner of misery and mayhem, from dancing dogs to fallen fairies, from a rabbit who found out the hard way that long ears, though beautiful, are not aerodynamic, to a superhero who simply lost his will to compete.

So it wasn’t such a pretty race, but it was certainly an entertaining one.  The 8th annual Mascot Race did not disappoint, and the Warren Warrior claimed his ultimate golden prize from Dr. Terry to take back to his home campus so he could star on tv again with all the rest of the little Warriors.

You’ve gotta love the Unity Bowl!