Falcons News · Phased In RE-Start on the Horizon!

Greetings Student Athletes and Families!
With our State’s reopening in process and after yesterday’s long-awaited email from UIL, there is much anticipation of inviting student-athletes back to campus for strength and conditioning.  After three months away from coaches, friends, and fields, we are anxious to get back!
It is important to note that FISD campuses and facilities remain closed to general use throughout the month of June.  Only activities that follow state guidelines and FISD safety procedures, with plans of action proposed to and approved by the school district, will be allowed.   No other in-person school activities or gatherings may take place.  Therefore, as soon as details are provided from the UIL, we will complete our plan.
FISD Athletic staff has been working on multiple contingencies, considering details of such a potential opening for weeks, so we will be ready to propose and provide the safest possible environment for opening phased workouts when we we receive the guidelines and obtain FISD permission.  We will enact protocols as directed, and perhaps in addition to recommended procedures, working together to minimize risk for each participant and staff member who enters campus.
We will share detailed plans for workouts once finalized, but remember, there is no substitute for personal judgment, so success in providing a productive and safe workout environment is a team effort and depends on cooperation and dedication from every student athlete and every coach!
When student athletes return to campuses for summer strength and conditioning it will be the first such student activity since school was closed, and it will be an approved exception to the general campus closure, so it is imperative that we get it right and phase in access and activity.
We expect our coaches, athletic trainers, and student athletes to LEAD the way in behaviors and dedication to safety for everyone.   We are fired up to be moving toward a re-start of workouts, of sports, and of the shared personal growth of each FISD student athlete!  Go Falcons!