Falcons News · PC Progresses, Cohorts Defined

Summer Strength and Conditioning with North Forney High School staff and The Performance Course is running strong, and hundreds of Falcons and Future Falcons are getting to school and getting better each day as a result!
New levels were phased in this week under the same strict guidelines as the initial groups.  Many dedicated individuals are working before, during, and after each workout to ensure safe practices within each workout group, to minimize exposures between them, and to ensure sanitary locations at all times.
We have an excellent plan and outstanding staff members who are executing it.  Our FISD plan includes multiple layers, from daily verbal and temperature checks and sanitizing before each individual entry, to hours spent wiping and fogging high-use areas daily or weekly by trainers.  Many thanks are due to these dedicated individuals for their diligence and over-achievement.  We strongly believe that our phasing, our facilities, our cohorts and rotation limits, and particularly the additional attention to ongoing cleanliness and disinfection by our staff gives us a great advantage in minimizing risk of exposure throughout the summer strength and conditioning program.  Our goal is for it to be the safest place a student athlete can be beyond the home.
Still, we cannot help but notice the rising number of positive tests in Kaufman County and the areas around us, and more metroplex schools have recently been affected by positive tests among their student participants.  Though we cannot control interactions outside our campuses, we strive daily to keep tight practices within.  Just one example is the cohort system – the limited number of FISD students that workout as a small group each day.  They still keep social distance and use only their own bottles and towels, etc.,  but they also enter and line up as a cohort, rotate in a prescribed manner as a cohort, and transition out of workouts each day as a cohort, further minimizing any potential exposures.   Our staff tracks their attendance, daily body temperature, and motions through the entire SS&C system.  This is just one example of the many steps athletic staff have devised to ensure the safest possible experience.
We just want to encourage athletes and families to practice good habits and safe distances beyond our workouts so that our athletes can continue to get better within!  If any participating student or a family member with whom they have direct contact exhibits COVID symptoms or a has positive test, please report to the campus athletic trainer immediately so that we can maintain the safest and most precautionary environment possible for everyone.  Thanks for your diligence!
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