Falcons News · SUMMER S&C UPDATE


FISD Summer Strength & Conditioning Programs are operational this week but will be closed next week across the state as part of the regular UIL SS&C calendar.


It remains the goal of the FISD Athletics and Sports Medicine to maintain the safest environment a student athlete can enter outside of his or her home.  However, we realize there has been an increase in cases of COVID in the area.  We wish to operate in as open, transparent, and safe a manner as possible, so please contact the athletic trainer or coordinator any time you have a question about SS&C.


As of Monday, 6/29, none of the 4-500 students participating in the FISD SS&C programs have reported symptoms or received a positive test.  If this were to be the case, athletic trainers would immediately close that student’s cohort by contacting each member of the cohort.  The purpose of the cohort groups is to add a layer of safety and minimize any potential exposures.  It is also easier to maintain clean and efficient mini-environments with these smaller groupings.


Trainers have continued to operate with an abundance of caution and have advised any student who has reported even a potential exposure to a positive individual to remain at home, thus no student who has reported that he or she was possibly exposed is working out, but rather sitting out for a prescribed period.  Athletic trainers are in regular contact with those students and their parents.  SS&C is not a mandatory program, so there is no requirement to be present, and we ask every student and parent to keep open lines of communication regarding any potential exposure.


Trainers also track each student athlete and each cohort daily from the walk up and temperature check through every rotation.  In the event a student should become symptomatic or test positive for the virus, the trainers will have accurate and specific information with which to close a cohort.  They have a temperature baseline for each student, and they have safe but personal contact with each student daily as part of the ongoing assessment of the program.


It is important to note that trainers and athletic staff also employ a regimen of additional cleaning, wiping, and fogging each day to ensure workout stations are disinfected after use.


With all the procedures in place, we feel good about the workout environments, yet we understand the reality that the total number of cases in the area has increased, so if any student or parent feels it is necessary to remain at home, please do so.  Contact your athletic trainer at any time with questions so that we continue to work together for every kid!