Falcons News · FISD ATHL COVID UPDATE: Stay the Course

The update is not exciting, but that is good news.  Basically, there is no update, which means we are operating on schedule with in-school athletic activity and successful COVID Mitigation.  Please check this link to access slides regarding the current phase of activity, from the start of school through Sept 7:


Our next phase starts on September 7th.  This the beginning of in-season activities, or what we normally regard as after-school and before-school team practice for volleyball and football.

School officials and UIL districts are working diligently to prepare for this next challenge as well as to plan for the phase beyond that, which is the start of 5A interscholastic competition.  This is set to begin for high school volleyball on September 15th and September 23rd, 24th, and 25th for football.   Middle School level activity will begin on September 17th for volleyball and 28/29 for football.

All schedules should be updated when complete and available on this website under the appropriate sport heading.  For specific questions regarding sport schedules please contact your campus athletic secretary or head coach.  The online schedule is also where the link for virtual ticket sales will be located for each FISD athletic event.  No paper tickets or cash exchanges will take place for FISD home football or volleyball.  When online box offices are ready, and where tickets/seats for events are available, purchasers will go to the sport schedules to find a BUY TICKETS tab.  Maps and box offices are being built currently.

With current COVID Mitigation expectations and state guidelines, please be aware that event operations will be very different at our FISD venues this year as well as those of our opponents.  There will be severely limited available seating for athletic events.  Safe and appropriate space for participants and their parents and guardians will be prioritized across the board.

We are comparing notes with many other venues and schools across the Metroplex to offer the safest environment possible for our teams, participants, and guests.  Thanks for your grace and patience as FISD works to remain on course to offer the safest location possible outside the home for a student to be active!